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Problem with BTE

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I have to use BTE, concretly 00503103, can anybody tell me how to use it?.

thanks in advance


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What is BTE ?

Kind regards.


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Business transaction event, it is a module that is thrown after an event.

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Hi Colin,

You asked what are BTE's?

These are <b>B</b>usiness <b>T</b>ransaction <b>E</b>vents.

They're a type of enhancement that are offered by SAP within the FI module. They use either a <i>Publish & Subscribe</i> or <i>Process</i> interfaces to retrieve their data from the main SAP programs.

They're not commonly used...

And now you know as much about BTE's as me!



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Thanks. I think I've used them before now eons ago now you have explained what they are.

I think you will find there is a function module relating to the business transaction event with the name containing the event name in some form or another.

Also, you need to do some configuration to get the BTE to activate but this escapes me. You will need to debug the code leading up to the function module to see what configuration is required, this is what I did.



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Transaction BF* (example check out BF34) for BTE configutaion.



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Search the main program of the transaction with the BTE number

You will find a function call some thing like

call function 'OPEN_FI_PERFORM_00001011_E'


i_bseg = bseg

i_bkpf = bkpf.

Now develop a FM (implementing your logic for enhancements) with the importing structre exactly same as this exporting structure.

in transaction BF34 assing the FM to the BTE number.

more at



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I am going to try with this things.

thanks and regards