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Hi All

Am using the below code followed by a

submit rsconn01

with mode eq 'INT'

and return.

*// Adding a commit to "Trigger" the movement of mails.....

commit work.

But, in SCOT the mails are with the status 'Still not Entered in Queue' and they are not sent out....

Can anyone help me out fix this problem.



form send_email_to_employee tables p_it_receivers type somlreci1_t

using p_lf_barea type ben_area

p_lf_event type ben_event

p_lf_ltext type ben_evnttx

p_lf_emp type char1

p_innnn type prelp.

constants: gc_endda type endda value '99991231',

gc_x(1) type c value 'X'. "For X

data: it_objtxt type soli_tab with header line,

it_packing_list like sopcklsti1 occurs 0 with header line,

it_objhead like solisti1 occurs 0 with header line,

it_orec type string occurs 0 with header line,

it_objbin like solisti1 occurs 0 with header line.

data: gd_doc_data like sodocchgi1,

lf_sender type soextreci1-receiver,

lf_bdate(10) type c,

lf_edate(10) type c,

gd_sent_all(1) type c,

lf_tablines like sy-tabix.

data: lf_nachn type pad_nachn, "Last name

lf_vorna type pad_vorna, "First name

lf_midnm type pad_midnm. "Middle name

*// Populate the subject/generic message attributes

gd_doc_data-obj_langu = sy-langu.

gd_doc_data-obj_name = 'SAPRPT'(002).

*// Populate the Subject of the mail

gd_doc_data-obj_descr = 'Many Happy Returns of the day(001).

gd_doc_data-sensitivty = 'F'.

*// Describe/Build the body of the message

clear: it_objtxt, it_objtxt[].

*// Build the Body of the Email message

*//Set the Body background colour

it_objtxt-line = '<BODY bgcolor = "#E6E6FA">'.

append it_objtxt.

clear it_objtxt.

*//Set font color and its type

it_objtxt-line = '<FONT COLOR = "#191970" face="Veranda" size="4">' .

append it_objtxt.

clear it_objtxt.

concatenate '<p>' 'Happy Birthday ' lf_nachn lf_vorna </p>'

into it_objtxt-line separated by space.

append it_objtxt.

clear it_objtxt.

concatenate '<p>' '<b>' 'Human Resources Division'(020) '</b>' '</p>'

into it_objtxt-line separated by space.

append it_objtxt.

clear it_objtxt.

it_objtxt-line = '</FONT></BODY>'.

append it_objtxt.

clear it_objtxt.

describe table it_objtxt lines lf_tablines.

clear it_packing_list.

refresh it_packing_list.

it_packing_list-transf_bin = space.

it_packing_list-doc_size = ( lf_tablines - 1 ) * 255 + strlen( it_objtxt ).

it_packing_list-head_start = 1.

it_packing_list-head_num = 0.

it_packing_list-body_start = 1.

it_packing_list-body_num = lf_tablines.

describe table it_objtxt lines it_packing_list-body_num.

it_packing_list-doc_type = 'HTM'(003).

append it_packing_list.

gd_doc_data-doc_size = ( lf_tablines - 1 ) * 255 + strlen( it_objtxt ).

*// Build the Subject of the Mail

it_objhead = 'Your Benefits Status Change Information'(001).

append it_objhead.

*// Set Sender mailID

lf_sender = <email address here>

*// Call the FM to post the message to SAPMAIL

call function 'SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1'


document_data = gd_doc_data

put_in_outbox = gc_x

sender_address = lf_sender

sender_address_type = 'INT'

commit_work = gc_x


sent_to_all = gd_sent_all


packing_list = it_packing_list

object_header = it_objhead

contents_bin = it_objbin

contents_txt = it_objtxt

receivers = p_it_receivers


too_many_receivers = 1

document_not_sent = 2

document_type_not_exist = 3

operation_no_authorization = 4

parameter_error = 5

x_error = 6

enqueue_error = 7.



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Try this.

SUBMIT rsconn01 WITH mode = 'INT'

WITH output = 'X'