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problem in populating zfields in valuepart1 of lw_extensionin using BAPI

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hi friends , i have a problem of populating zfields of PO in valuepart1 as the length of zfields required is more than 240(length of value part1) ,can i know how to populate zfields into valuepart2 using BAPI_PO_CREATE1


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Move your zfield values into EXTENSIONIN table parameter.

You will then use the following customer exits to populate your zfields from your EXTENSIONIN itab

EXIT_SAPL2012_001 (at start of BAPI)

EXIT_SAPL2012_003 (at end of BAPI)

The following customer exits (function modules) are available for the BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE:

EXIT_SAPL2012_002 (at start of BAPI)

EXIT_SAPL2012_004 (at end of BAPI)

There is good documentation on all of the above exits.

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thank you for ur answer , i tried populating zfield of datatype DATS using Extensioninn, but i couldnt can u pl tell me how to solve this problem.

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Below is example code for populating your zfields into extensionin:

DATA: extensionin TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiparex,
      wa_extensionin LIKE LINE OF extensionin.

DATA: zfield1     TYPE dats,
      zfield2(5)  TYPE c,
      zfield3(10) TYPE n.

zfield1 = sy-datum.
zfield2 = 'abcde'.
zfield3 = 1234567890.

wa_extensionin-valuepart1+0(8)   = zfield1.
wa_extensionin-valuepart1+8(5)   = zfield2.
wa_extensionin-valuepart1+13(10) = zfield3.

APPEND wa_extensionin TO extensionin.