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Problem in including search help exit for MM03 transaction.

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i am trying to include search help for MM03 trasaction based on MATKL(material group) WGBEZ (description) in the form of alv tree display.

Fuctionality i want to achive is :

1. after pressing F4 on MM03, it prompts to select material group screen, on pressing F4 on material group, now i am able to get the ALV tree display of all the materials and description based on the selection screen criterion.

2. now, after selecting one material group from ALV screen, i am able to map the corresponding value on the material group on the previous(intermediate) screen, but after pressing enter on this screen, i need to get the corresponding material to be mapped on the MM03 transaction, which i am unable to get.

when i press enter, it is again going to ALV tree display only and values arent getting refreshed.

Please help me in solving this.


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Something similar was answered before.
Please check the following link:

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In the initial screen of MM03, the field is linked to MAT1 collective search help. You may create a search help append (in MAT1). In that custom search help, you assign a function module exit, in which you can do whatever you want. There are tons of documentation and threads about that.