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Problem in Double click..

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I am using a table control in my screen(1001). the requirment is

when i double click on one of the rows in the table control then the next screen(1002) with more details abt the row should be called.

I m using the foll code in PAI of1001 .

ok_code1 = ok_code.

clear ok_code.

CASE ok_code1.



call screen 1002.

But i m not getting the result. when i debug it the debugger never comes to thest 'WHEN 'PICK'.

please help. give me a note..what may be the cause.



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hi Satya,

This is kiran kumar.G. we have double click the double click the table control filed and we have to place "pick" statement in the "functin code"tab .

In SE38. The code is

when 'pick'.

read table <internal tab le> index <table control name>-current_line.


we have to write logic here.


call screen 1002.


kiran kumar.G

Have a Nice Day..

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Thank you Kiran.. But please give me a note about how do i enable the 'PICK' functionality using tha set pf-status..

Thank u.

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Hi Satya,

The Function code 'PICK' is Automatically call At Line-selection Event it is used in list processing but not dialog processing.

If you want write code when double-click in dialog processing dont use PICK , in dialog processing when the user double -click in a line the F2 Key is assigned in the PAI you write the code, If you want to Function Code for F2 Key Goto pf-status and see function code here.

See this lint for clear Explanation.

Plzz Reward if useful,


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Goto your Pf status. Check the value of F2 button. This is the ok code when u double click on a line.

If you want to change to Pick, change it here.

Reward points if useful,



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Hi Sathya

In your PF-STATUS , for function key F2 Set a function code PICK for double clicks.This is how we can pick function code for double click .

nd use it with SY-UCOMM

also go through below links..

hope it will solve your problem...

Thanks & Regards

ilesh 24x7