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Problem in Delivery Split - BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_SPLIT_DEC

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Dear friends,

Iam facing a problem on Delivery Split

My Requirement : I have a delivery A with Item 000010 and Batches 10,20,30,40,50 in ERP system. I have a third party system which wil create a new delivery B for this Original delivery A and associate batches 20, 30 - Means... the Third party system is splitting the delivery A to delivery A and B and associate

Delivery A with Batches 10, 40 and 50

New Delivery B with Batches 20 and 30.

What am I trying to do is

Step 1. I am trying to create a new delivery B using "BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_SPLIT_DEC"

Step 2. Ill do a Batch Split for B using "BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE"

Step 3. Ill delete the Batches 20 and 30 which are used in Delivery B from Delivery A.


wa_item-deliv_numb = p_n_dlv. "New Delivery Number "65000000

wa_item-deliv_item = p_n_psn. "New Delivery Item "000010

wa_item-curr_qty = 'B'. "Base Unit (B) / Sales Unit (A)

wa_item-dlv_qty = lv_qty. "40

*wa_item-DEL_QTY_FLO =

wa_item-sales_unit = wa_lips-vrkme. "MSF

wa_item-isocode_sales_unit = wa_lips-vrkme . "MSF

wa_item-dlv_qty_stock = lv_qty. "40

*wa_item-DLV_QTY_ST_FLO =

wa_item-base_uom = wa_lips-meins. "MSF

wa_item-base_uom_iso = wa_lips-meins. "MSF

wa_item-sales_qty_num = 1.

wa_item-sales_qty_denom = 1.

wa_item-convfactor = wa_lips-umrev. "0.00000000000.....0+0

APPEND wa_item TO lt_items.



delivery = p_vbeln

deliverynew = p_n_dlv

deliveryitemsbelongto = p_dlv_md "N

businessprocess = 'Z006'



itemdata = lt_items


return = l_return



Errors which Iam getting

E |LEDSP |037 | <

E |LEDSP |025 | <

Waiting for some good suggestions!...

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Kripa Rangachari.



wait = LV_WAIT.

Edited by: Thomas Zloch on Feb 19, 2011 1:38 PM - please do not promise ...


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Hi Folks!

Any inputs you have!?

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Hey all!.....

The BAPI "BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_SPLIT_DEC" works for Delivery Split ... with the parameter values which Iam passing.

The problem was the data which is used for testing!..... The customized split profile which is used "Z006" doesnt pick up the delivery data given for splitting ....

Used a different data - and the new delivery number got created!


Kripa Rangachari.

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Can you please let me know what are all the parameters needs to be passed..

i need to split the outbound delivery based on ship qty and receiving error MESSAGE ID LEDSP - 037