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Problem in CS03

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hi to all,

In CS03 t-code,

I m providing Material no., Plant, Bom Usage and Alternative Bom,

then pressing enter ,

another screen is displayed, in which all the bom component are dislayed.

Now my problem is that all this component are coming from STPO table as per my knowledge.

But for some material when i m matching o/p of cs03 against table it is not matching.

Plz help me to find out that from where this componets are coming.

Or can anyone is able to give me the tables Related to the BOM.

thanks in advance.


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Hi Dharmishta,

In such cases, you can "trace" the source of information by one of these two methods:

1. To check which all DB tables are being queried to get the pop up - and also analyze the query on the DB tables, you can start a SQL trace (ST05) on your user ID + transaction before you press enter in the CS03 screen. Once the pop up appears, stop the trace and display it. It will show you all the DB tables which have been accessed and you can also "explain" the queries. The where clauses might give you an idea of how the tables are being filtered, or which other tables are being queried there.

2. Switch on debug mode (/h in command box) and then press enter and place a break point on statement CALL FUNCTION. Normally, SAP would have encapsulated the code within a function module OR method for retrieving the popup details. Hence if this is the case, here then you can get the same and use it in your program.

Hope this helps.



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Tables related to BOM:

MAST Material to BOM Link

EQST Equipment to BOM Link

STAS BOMs header

STKO BOM header

STPN BOM follow-Up control


STPU BOM sub-item

STST Standard BOM link

STVB Bills of material - Serialisation of posting

STZU Permanent BOM data



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Thanks of helping.