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Problem in changing layout of ALV to excel

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Hello everyone,

I have developed an ALV program, wherein I need to show the graphs for the same.

For this, I need my data in excel format, so that I can write some macros ,and do the further processing on it(I am using an appraoch I found on SDN, "Report with graph").

I got to know, that I need <b>SAP R/3: Add On:Interactive Excel</b>.

I asked the BASIS guys to install it, but even after installing it, I am unable to view the data in Excel layout, when I do Change LAyout->View->Microsoft Excel.

Could anyone let me know if there is any other setting which is required to view the data in excel?On the excel side, we can change the security level(Tools->Macro->Security) to either low, medium or high.

Is there any such provision in SAP?

Kindly suggest your answers, as it is important for me to get the data in excel.

Points will be rewarded.

Thanks and regards,



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Hi Prerna,

I got the data in the excel sheet..

Can try the same now.. by changing the setting which have mentioned below..

Change the macro settngs in your excel sheet and checkout if it works

Open empty excel sheet

In menu Tools>Macros>Security , change the radiobutton to medium

And also

In the Same popup , goto the second tab Trusted Publishers and check the checkbox Trust access to visual basic Project

But still the entire data is not coming...

<b>Reward points. I knw i wil be helpfull for you :)</b>



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I have already tried what you have just mentioned.

I searched the entire SDN, for this, and this was one of the replies

But still we don't get the data(Even you didn't get it, right?).

when we change the layout to excel(Excel Inplace), there are 2 sheets by default:-

Rawheader and Rawdata.The data comes in RAwheader sheet.

But there is some setting on the BASIS side, which need to be done, in order for it to work.

I have asked my BASIS colleagues and some of my senior consultants to look into the same.

They will let me know.

I would also suggest you try your program on another PC.

I will let you know as soon as I get any replies from my colleagues.

Thanks and regards,


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I wasnt getting the data on my machine. But when i tried on my collegue's machine. It was working fine. Data is coming in Rawheader and Rawdata sheets.



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I have got the problem solved.

I am now able to view the data in excel form.

My BASIS colleagues solved it.

As suggested to you earlier, see whether or not SAP R/3 AddOn: Interactive Excel is installed on your server.

It may be possible that your colleague is working on a different server, and you are working on another server.

So ask BASIS ppl to install it on your server.

After that, when you run your program, on the ALV toolbar, there is a button called "Views".

There select "Excel Inplace".

You should be able to view the data.

Thnaks and regards,