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printing last page of smartforms

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hello Folks i'm strugguling with printing the last page of a smartforms, i've been reading many threats like this but can't succeded in printing the last page of my smartforms.

i had a smartform with a first and next page.

the feed is FIRST PAGE ->NEXT PAGE



the next page is a copy of the first with both main window. there is also a secondary window for the footer.

I've add a new page ( not a copy of first page) for terms and conditions.

i've added a command line at the end of the main window go to new page and

i've flagged only after End of the main window.

but i can't succeed in printing the last page.

In debugg i can see that the SFSY-MAINEND <> 'X'.

Naturally if i add the flag to go the last page only on the first page, the last page is printed.

how can i manage it please?


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"after End of the main window" (in the Conditions of an element) does not work if the element is inside the main window.

Place your command node outside the main window.

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Thank you Sandra, but i'm a little bit confuse. Out of my main window i have secondary windows and when i try to place my command in there i have an error message no new page allowed in secondary window

My bad, you're right. You don't need to use "after End of the main window", simply place the Command node inside the Main window, as the last element (so it will be after the loop/table node, i.e. it will be executed on the last page of the main window).

PS: the button "Answer" is reserved to solutions, please convert your message into a "Comment" by using the respective menu option.

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Sandra, thanx your input is correct and solved my issue... but i can't accept as you put it as comment, also in my mennu i do not have option to change reply into comment in action i do only have edit revisions and delete not to change the type.

I'm closing the threat any way.

Thanx again.