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printing block

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loop at it_code_det.

read table it_qpct with key codegrp = it_code_det-fegrp

code = it_code_det-fecod.

select single * from qpct where codegruppe = it_code_det-urgrp and

code = it_code_det-urcod.

p0 = ( it_code_det-count / total ) * 100.

cp = cp + p0.

write:/2 sy-vline,(8) it_code_det-fegrp color col_key,sy-vline, (5)

it_code_det-fecod color col_key ,sy-vline,(40) it_qpct-kurztext color


(8) it_code_det-urgrp color col_key,sy-vline,

(5) it_code_det-urcod color col_key,sy-vline,

(40) qpct-kurztext color col_key,sy-vline,

(2) it_code_det-st color col_heading,sy-vline,

(4) it_code_det-oteil color col_key,sy-vline,

(6) it_code_det-count color col_key,sy-vline,

(6) p0 color col_key,sy-vline,

(7) cp color col_key,sy-vline.

total1 = total1 + p0.

clear qpct.

clear p0.

clear it_qpct.


This is the code.Some fields might have no values.That is not a problem. It will be printed with empty space.But empty line appears in b/w records.


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What is the line size declared in the program? If line size is less than the record length, record will be pushed to next line.

Also it is a good practice do SY-SUBRC checks after READ as wel las SELECTs.

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here you are not updating value in final table it_code_det.

so when you are going for output it is not printing.

create the two filed for

6) p0 color col_key,sy-vline,

(7) cp color col_key,sy-vline.

update in final table it_code_det.

then print in output from it_code_det.

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