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Printing Barcode SAPSCRIPT

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Hi All,

I have to print the barcode for the process card using transaction code Co04. I have assigned the barcode character format AUFNR to the value. I have the barcode.dll installed in my pc. But i am not able to see the barcode in print preview it shows just blocks can you give your inputs to slove this problem.




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As per my thinking *.dll should be installed on server.

you should know which scanner type you are using and it reads which type of bar codes, and then you have to you than barcode.

this will hekp



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buy a third party software like Barcode.dll and install on your frontend PC connected to the laser printer.

Now you have a barcode printed - what next?

Well there are two options, depending on your business requirements:

- You can use an existing SAP transaction on a regular workstation and get a barcode wedge reader to hook up between the keyboard and the PC. These wedge readers comes in a wand or scanner format. There are even wireless wedge scanners available that allows you to roam a few yards from the workstation to scan a label. This approach is mostly used where you want to prevent human errors in typing in long material, batch or serial numbers in receiving or issuing of material. The problem is that it's just replacing the keyboard input and you are basically locked down in one location and have to bring all the material to that location to process.

- Another solution is to use SAPConsole transactions

or write your own ABAP Dialog programs that will fit onto a barcode enabled wireless handheld terminal and that will follow the business logic as executed on the shop floor.

These programs are highly complex exercises in industrial engineering and ergonomics because of the limited screen sizes and limited ability to accept keyboard input. The user is instructed step-by-step and only scan and push F-keys to interact with the SAP system. Scan, scan, beep, beep, enter - highly automated.

Barcode Standard

To Create a Bar code prefix:

1) Go to T-code - SPAD -> Full Administration -> Click on Device Type -> Double click the device for which you wish to create the print control -> Click on Print Control tab ->Click on change mode -> Click the plus sign to add a row or prefix say SBP99 (Prefix must start with SBP) -> save you changes , it will ask for request -> create request and save

2) Now when you go to SE73 if you enter SBP00 for you device it will add the newly created Prefix

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Hi Bala,

First run trxn SO10 give standard text SAPSCRIPT-BARCODETEST and try printing it on the printer.

If you can see the barcodes on the print, then you can be sure to get the barcode print using the same barcode formats in your script.