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pricing field user exit

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Hi! guys...

I've posted this a few times before. thanks for all the response.

Anyways here it is. again..

we created a new pricing field, namely, the dest.

city. of the SHIP TO PARTY.

everything is workin fine except for the problem that

in SORD. the city value gets defualted from SP master.

What is the code to fill in the

USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK...TO GET THE SH party city? (the field name is ORT01 and its from KNA1)

I am not an ABAPper. basically a functional guy.please help me out if you feel like you can.

thanks a lot.



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Could you please tell me the transaction, and also the include where the user exit is.


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Ship to party is maintained as a customer in the system. Just read table KNA1 against ship to party and get field ORT01 to get city.

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what is the Trxn.


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Here is some sample code.

DATA: v_ort01 LIKE kna1-ort01.

CLEAR v_ort01.

SELECT SINGLE ort01 INTO v_ort01
                    FROM KNA1
                   WHERE kunnr = tkomk-kunwe.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
  tkomk-zzort01 = v_ort01.

TKOMK-ZZORT01 is the field that you added to your pricing structure. You can replace it with the correct name that you gave it.