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Pricing condition Update Using Idoc

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I am using Idoc method to update the pricing condition in LSMW. My problem is that idoc message is green (53) and states that idoc is generated successfully the entries of which are available in KONH /KONP condition tables. but A tables are not getting updated and the user is not able to see the condition records through VK13.

Any help will be highly appreciated



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Which idoc type and processing function is that?

It is weird that KONH and KONP contain entries without reference key KNUMH linked to any table...

I need to see the function/idoc to see if they provide any interface to update the A table key fields, which by the way can be any field combination that the user puts on while creating the condition table

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Hi Sri Vishnu

Thanks for your reply. Idoc message type is Cond_A and Basic type Cond_A04 I am creating idoc directly in step 11 of lsmw and not using any functional module.

Do let me know if you need anyother information


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Did you fill in E1KOMG segment, with KVEWE = A and KOTABNR (table number like for A100 it will be 100) and other relevant key fields of the A table? This links the idoc update to the A table

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Hi Vishnu,

KVEBWE is filled with A and KOTABNR with 906. but entries are not going into A906 table

Any other missing field if you can think of

I appreciate your response


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If you paste me what you have filled, I might make a guess... of course KAPPL and KSCHL are mandatory and you might have filled them already and

I think VAKEY needs to be concatenated with key field values in the same order as they appear in the A table..

Here you go, read this:

From the same document, here is how you fill the field in the E1KOMG segment

Appl CoArt CoTab VaKey knumh Value Valid
M PB00 A016 R001R01 01 000005 3,50 01.06.-30.06
M PB00 A016 R001R01 01 000126 3,40 01.07.-20.08
M PB00 A016 R001R01 01 000005 3,50 21.08.-31.12
M PB00 A016 R001R02 01 000055 3,50 01.07.-31.12

2 Idocs are created:
KOMG with M+PB00+A016+R001R01 01 ........
KONH with knumh=000005 + 01.06.-30.06. ......
KONP with data... 3,50 .....
KONH with knumh=000126 + 01.07.-20,08. ......
KONP with data... 3,40 .....
KONH with knumh=000005 +21.08.-31.12. ......
KONP with data... 3,50 .....

KOMG with M+PB00+A016+R001R02 01 ........
KONH with knumh=000055 + 01.07.-31.12. ......
KONP with data... 3,50 .....

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Hi Vishnu,

Sorry but the problem still persists..when we are creating an idoc through input data from txt file.few observation

1) Do we have to concate the value on our own for Vakey field

in my case the vakey field value is truncating in the last field but vakey_long has full value

2) What should be the input value in KNUMH field as i understand that this field value is assigned by the sap.

i can send you the text data if you can give me mail id pls


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it seems to be the problem of field not initiated in the custom table.

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Hi Manu,

Did you managed to get the problem resolved at last?

I m still getting the error message "VJ025 - Results of pricing with condition type (cond type) can not be changed"