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Price Determination for Delivery

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When I create the delivery document with reference to sales order, I want to copy the pricing (all the conditions and values) from the sales order to delivery .But the standard SAP is re determining the pricing

<u>Simple Example.</u>

In the sales order line item the net value is 10 $ (Standard price 9 $ and Freight 1 $). This Price is determined by the pricing procedure.

If I change the freight manually to 2 $ in the sales order the net value becomes 11 $ now.

If I create a delivery with reference to this sales order the net price of the line item in deliver will be again 10 $ which is determined by the pricing procedure. But I want to copy the price from sales order line item which is 11 $.

Did any one come across any enhancement to do this, So that the Pricing determination will be suppressed and the pricing will be copied from the reference sales order?


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Look at your copy procedures in config.


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Look at your copy procedures in config.

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Hi Srinivas

I don't have functional and configuration knowledge.But I was told that pricing copy cannot be done by copy control procedure and it will be development.

If this can be really done in configuration can you tell me about that so that i can suggest my functional counter part to do that.


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I have gone through the copy control options .Pricing copy can be done for sales documents and billing documents by giving pricing type <u>D</u> (Copy pricing elements unchanged)

But there is no option to copy pricing for delivery documents.

pricing copy option is available for the following

Sales Document to Sales Document

Billing Document to Sales Document

Sales document to billing document

Billing document to billing document

Delivery document to billing document

But pricing copy option is not available for

sales document to delivery document.

That is the reason why it is a development.

Can any one help me out by telling the suitable enhancement.

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can any one help me out in this?

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Can you check with the transaction "VTAA"? Ask your functional consultant to add the entries in respective

"delivery type" and "sales doc type" and it will work .



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There is one main reason, why pricing is not copied to a delivery: it is not sales relevant.

You sell with a sales order (or purchase order in case of internal handling) and create an invoice for this. In addition, in a delivery freight / shipping costs can be calculated and added to conditions of the invoice.

But the only two relevant documents for article prices (not shipping) conditions are sales order and invoice.

Maybe you can create the invoice immediately, when you need to print out the final price and put this paper to the delivery.



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There is no development required for copying pricing from sale order to delivery. You can assign the same pricing procedure of sales document type to that delivery document type. This can be done in configuration itself. The path is Logistics Execution->Shipping->Basic Shipping Functions->Pricing->Define & Assign Pricing Procedure for Delivery.

On this assignment your pricing in the sales order is getting copied exactly as same.