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Pre requisite before applying support packages

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Well, while applying patches i heard there are some 5-6 pre requisites that we have to take care...

I know that SPAM Version has to be updated...Wht are the other pre requisites?


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Rakesh, it is also a good idea to update the kernel before applying the patches. Some patches only work as of a certain kernel version. I think that if you download the support stack, the kernel that works with it is included.

Also make sure that you have a good backup and space to grow the database.

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Each support package has an 'import condition' and you can find it on SAP service market. You need to meet all the conditions before you import the support package.

You can give me the SP name (SAPK????) and I can give you the import condition. Please beadvised that each SP has different import conditions.



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Before going to apply support packs we need to fallow some Pre requisite.

We should take the full database back up.while applying patches you need to login as a service user(DDIC).Client 000.

We need to update the SPAM version.

At least two background process should be maintained.

Applying the patches we should fallow the sequence.

Functional and techinal consultants should be available.

if the patch size is below 10 mb we should apply through front end.

Greater then 10mb we need to apply through application server.

Before applying the patch no user should login to the system.

i hope below link will help you if you get any errors.

kiran kumar .v