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POWL: How to display/populate the content of a field programmatically in the selections criteria?

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Hi all

One of the value of the input field is not known in advance. e.g Sales organisation. Is it possible to display content of the select - Options in the selection criteria of a POWL? I_SELCRIT_VALUES contain the selection criteria only whose values are maintained in Transaction - POWL_QUERY.

By changing c_default_values of METHOD if_powl_feeder~get_sel_criteria as folows.

if c_default_values is INITIAL.
ls_rsparams-kind = 'S'.
ls_rsparams-sign = 'I'.
ls_rsparams-option = 'EQ'.
ls_rsparams-low = '1010'.

INSERT ls_rsparams INTO c_default_values INDEX 1.


Can the value of the sales organisation field be populated/displayed in the selection criteria field? Following is the selection screen on POWL List from Web browser.



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If you look at standard feeder class for POWL CL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS method GET_SEL_CRITERIA it populates default values so your code to enter default values should work.