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Postings For FB50 using BAPI's

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Hi All,

I have one doubt, i am doing batch upload for transaction fb50.

1)My requirement is that from the flat file i have to check if corresponding

to one refrence number if the line items in the flat file are more then 999

then the internal table should break and those 999 line items should get posted.

And the line items which are after those 999th line item should also get

posted for that same reference number.

2)And how will i assure that those 999 line items which are getting posted

after breakage have the debit and credit amount equal so as them to get

posted using bapi's and same for the line items after that 999th line item.

The bapi's i am using are:




Kindly help.




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Hi Mansi,

For ur requirement u need to build a logic where for each 999 lines u need to check the debit and credit total and then insert a new line at the 999th position. The amount for the 999th line will be the difference of the total of the debit and total of the credit till 998th line and line type will debit if credit total till 998th line is greater than the debit total till the same number and vice versa..

Hope this gives u some idea on how to approach this requirement.


Nikhil Kayal