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Posting Period & Posting Date

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Hi All,

I have one query regarding Posting period i.e. I am getting the Posting Period(BKPF-MONAT) from the selection screen i.e. in range.

Now I have to differentiate the posting period i.e.

period 1-3  will be fall under Q1 i.e. Quarter 1

period 4-6  will be fall under Q2 i.e. Quarter 2

period 7-9  will be fall under Q3 i.e. Quarter 3

period 10-16  will be fall under Q4 i.e. Quarter 4

thanks in advance for your help




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How do u get input from selection screen if user enters start value as 2 and end value as 9 then what wiull you consider for do u consider periods as Q1 Q2 Q3 that time give some description about your requirement so many definatly answer your question

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Hi Sudhir,

You are correct in above case we will consider the periods as Q1, Q2, & Q3  and display the G/L Line Item based on the input range but out put will be Q1 for for posting period 2 , 3 and Q2 for 4,5,6 and Q3 for 7,8,9.

My Requirement is to display the G/L line Item based on the Posting Period.

GL account  GL account name  Quarter/Fiscal Year

12345678     ABCDEF                    Q1/2013

12345678     ABCDEF                    Q2/2013

12345678     ABCDEF                    Q3/2013



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Hi Parag,

How do you get periods. only Q1 or Q2 or Q3 or combination of Q's

If you get only Q1 periods then it will be easy (Like 2,3) or  Q2(4,5,6) etc.

I have not got clearly. And you can make a secondary index on BKPF-MONAT in table for better performence and If that is case to get based on periods and saparation u may have to use like first fetch data and lot of conditions we need check for periods. I could not give correct answer as per my understanding please give some more info I will also check .

Basic ex:  if monat falls in (1,3)

                    pass this data to one temp_itab

                       else if (4,6)

                          pass to another temp itab


                                        another internal table

I hopefully pray atleast it  may give 1% idea to you