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Post customer invoice without line items.

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Ppl, I am extracting customer invoice data from an external sytem and data consists of invoice header with the invoice total but no line items.How can i post this invoice in FI.

what is the meaning of posting in FI if i am not posting to GL or AR? Where will the invoice get posted?

your help is greatly appreciated.



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That cannot be true. When you say that it is invoice, you are paying someone. That someone's account line will be one line item of your document and which GL account it will be paid from will be another line. You need this minimum information to create the invoice in SAP.

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thanks for your reply.

What if i use the total invoice amount as the first and only line item?

The invoice can only be posted when the balance is zero.How can i achieve that?

the second question : what is the meaning of posting to FI if i am not posting to GL or AR.

I have 3 seperate feeds from the external sytem: invoice,GL and AR.

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Best thing is to ask your business/functional person to enter the same thing in the system as if they were to do this manually. Check what transactions they use and what additional values that they enter apart from the ones that you receive on your files. This is the easiest way. If I answer your questions, that will only be my best guess as I wouldn't know your configuration settings and business rules.