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POP-up a selection screen designed in driver program of a smartform

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Hi All,


POP-up a selection screen through a transaction code.


1. Created simple Smartform and a driver program with Form routines and selection screens.

2. When i run the transaction code,

i. First i need to pop-up the selection screen.

ii. After filling the details of the selection screen display the smartform.

3. We configured the NACE transaction with transmission medium 8(special function).

Details link:


Even i configured NACE with details. When i run the transaction code Selection screen is not appearing.


1. Can i POP-up a selection screen which is designed in the driver program of a smartform.

2. If do i miss any configurations in NACE or any other configurations i have to do.

Can you explain where i went wrong.

help us.




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Hi All,

1. Please tell us a Standard smartform, which has FORM ROUTINES in the driver program.

2. In the NACE if it is set to transmission medium 8, i will check the configuration settings of it.And implementation of my task will be easy.

It will be really helup full for us.



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This is not feasible while using the standard output functionality. Output runs in a separate process from the "main" transaction. Also output is frequently processed in background.

The output processing program is not meant to be gathering any additional data. All the information for the form needs to be entered in the "main" transaction. Use an appropriate user exit or a custom text, etc., depending on what's available in the transaction in question.

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Thanks for your reply.

My Question:

I am asking for a standard smartform , which has FORM ROUTINES in the driver program for analyzing the program and what are the configuration made in NACE.

My Task:

POP-up a selection screen which is written in custom drive program of a smartform.

What we did:

1. Created a smartform and custom driver program(zsmaple) with selection screen in it.

2. In MIGO transaction, when i hit on POST need to trigger the selection screen first and then next the smartform.

On Research:

1. we found that for FORM Routines we can use NACE.

2. In NACE if we set the Transaction medium 8, we can achieve the task.


1. Can we pop a selection screen before the smartform.

2. Any configurations for NACE.



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I think what you ask for is the output print type. Right? The output type should be configed by module consultant. And you should enter in the Business Module Block for getting the answer from the module consultant.

But I know some simple steps as follows:

1.Enter the transaction code of NACE, select one business which you need to do for. Then click "OUTPUT TYPES"

2.Choose one type at right side, double "PROCESSING ROUTINES" in left side.

3.In the right side, you can fine the program name and smartform name in which you can enter.

I think above steps I provided will be useful to you. But if you have no authority for editing the processing routines, you will do nothing. You should do it with the help of your business consultant.

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Yes your right.

Complete Details:

1. For the transaction code MIGO, after clicking on POST a selection screen must display with the configuration of NACE.

2. For this we configured the NACE transaction:

i). In NACE, Condition for output control --- ME Invetory Management

ii). Output types- created my own output type ZWE2.

iii). Given the PROCESS Routines.

iv). program name, routine, and from name.

Details in Link:

Still we are unable to get the selection screen form the driver program of the smartform.


Do i need to config the details in Condition records, Procedures also in NACE.

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For a stand-alone function module, follow simple process....

develop a report program that obtains the data based upon your needs.

call the FM to get the SmartForm Function Module name, based upon the SmartForm Name

Call the FM returned in the step above....