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PO message with smartforms

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My version is 4.6C, I wanna use the PO message NEU with smartforms, but, I´m not sure that the program SAPFM06P is ready to work with smartforms, I was taking a look into the code, and it looks like is not prepared to call smartforms .

If I have to make a new program, someone has an example ?

Have somebody done it ?


Alexandre Nogueira.


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SAPFM06P does not support smartforms .

We have done it but the code is huge .

Check OSS 595182 .

You can download preconfigured forms . Copy and change them to suit your needs .



Developer Advocate
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In 46c, I don't think that you can use Smartforms for PO output. It is specifically setup for Sapscript. Program SAPFM06P calls a function module which is contained in the function group MEDRUCK. The standard SAPscript form is MEDRUCK. Of course you may change this values in configuration, to point to different programs and sapscript forms.

On the other hand, I guess it is possible to assign a custom program in configuration which calls the function module generated by Smartforms. But I'm not sure how this will interfaces with the output settings and other configuration.


Rich Heilman

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Thank you guys,

After your answers, I will not use smartforms in this case.

Thanks, bye.

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see note 852250