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PO in display mode

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I have created a new custom subscreen in PO and have a button inside. Is it possible to make the PO display only after clicking the button. There is an option to make the PO display only in the method OPEn of BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST but it is not getting trigerred after the click of the button in the custom tab.

Can someone suggest a solution pls?




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Maybe you can re-use the logic of the BAdI method in your screen.

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Thanks but then it is not possible to replicate the standard. Are there any other solution?

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Sorry but I did not understand why is it not possible to re-use the logic? What is the problem with copying the relevant code and making modifications to it?

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In the OPEN method , there is just one field by name CH_DISPLAY_ONLY to which we have to set 'X' if we want the PO to be opened in display mode. We will not be aware the source code that gets trigerred on setting this field as they gets called from standard code. Hence i feel it will be a cumbersome effort to copy the standard code.

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Yes but you can see how is the standard code using CH_DISPLAY_ONLY. It may involve some effort but atleast you will have the assurance that you are doing it the right way.