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PM Order

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I have one question. I try to find user exit which block deleting "operations" in PM Order. Exactly I want to block deleting when for "operation" was created purchasing order. Maybe I could do it in another way?

For all hints thanks in advance.



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Hi Bartlomiej,

In what transaction, or better Module/Function pool, you are looking for an User Exit. When you know the Module/Pool, open it via either SE80 or SE38, and find



You will find CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001', '002', .......

Each number is linked to an FM with the name EXIT_<Module/Function Pool>_001, 002, .....

Look at the IMPORTING and EXPORTING parameters and choose an FM which fits your needs best.

Good luck,


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I found one before, but I cann't find user exit which could maintain operation in IW32, but I think I find out another solution (change message type). So another question maybe you know how to customize messages in CO espacially message 384. I want to change it to error in transaction IW32.

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exit for iw32 transaction.

IWO10012 Maintenance order: Priority handling on central header

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I think it is not good user exit. I have to maintain operations in IW32. In this user exit there is no data about operations, only about order header.

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Hello Bartlomiej,

Another chance finding User Exit is to take a look at BAdIs. Go to IMG (transaction SPRO -> Icon SAP Reference IMG (on the top left)) and the navigate to PM and/or SM. When you find Enhancements, look at Customer Functions. There are listed - at least in other Modules - all implemented BAdIs and a short description what these guys are doing.

Have success,