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Please tell me about Enhancement Technique like BTE , SET and Formula

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Hi Experts .

Please guide me about Enhancement Techniques used in SAP apart from BADI/User-Exit .

1.) what is set and how to create it ?

2.) What is formula is SAP and How to set it for Enhancement Pupose .

3.) What is BTE (Buisness Transection Events) ? How to create it for Enhancement Pupose ?

Please Elabarate the reply with step by step procedure .

Thanx .

Regards : Rajneesh


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I will like to put some points about BTE..

This are generally used to initiate the custom workfllows . These are generally called from the transaction at commit so that custom workflows can be called . We can link our own function modules that will genrate custom events inturn initiating custom workflows.. Check transaction BF34..

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Hi rajneesh mittal ,

Business Transaction Events

Business Transaction Events (Open FI) The Open FI enhancement technique was developed in the Financial Accounting component. Open FI is based upon the following principles: Application developers must define their interface in a function module, an assignment table is read in the accompanying (generated) code, and the customer modules assigned are called dynamically. This technique differentiates between enhancements that are only allowed to have one implementation and enhancements that can call multiple implementations in any sequence desired. Both industry-specific and country-specific enhancements may be defined.

SAP business transaction events are one type of customer enhancements provided by SAP! We can access the business transaction events using FIBF.Next we have to find the process interface for duplicate invoice check!

check this blog for details on SAP business transaction events

Business Transaction Events

FI Enhancement Technique – How-To-Guide on the Usage of Business Transaction Events (BTE)

Creation of Events via Business Transaction Events

In SAP R/3 you must activate the business transaction events (BTEs) for Availability Check Using SAP R/3. To set this indicator in SAP R/3:........



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