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Please send me IDOC raw files

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We are building custom APIs to generate IDOCs ( Not using any middleware like webMethods).

Can anyone send me some sample INCOMING ORDERS IDOC text files to

Anyone working with webmethods or any tool like that ...please help me out....Just need some samples....




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Hi, you mean need a ORDERS IDOC structure in the webmethods?

I have heard a way to solve this problem. Share with you, maybe useful.

The webmethods can receive any message send to it, even it hasn't defined this kind of message in it.

So you can just send a unknown message to webmethods, webmethods can 'learn' the structure of this message.

My co-workers has used this way to solve parse the Dateset

Class in webmethods.(it has a very complex structure, can't be defined easily in webmethod directly.)

Hope it will be helpful