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Persistence Object

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Hi friends,

Can any one tell what is persistence object. While creating a class there is option to select whether it is persistence. And how can i give import and export parameters to a class method. There is no option i can see to specify parameters while creating methods in a class.


Gowtham K.


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Hi Goutham,

You can go through this document to know more about persistent objects.

Regarding the methods, in se24, go to methods tab. After defining the method , you can click on parameters button to specify if it is an importing or exporting parameter.



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persistence class.

It will generate a class combine with a table, and you can populate the table with this class, include select, insert, modify.

It offer you a way to populate table in a OO way.

But unfortunatly, single persistence class can only combine one table. And after you save the combine relation of the class and table, it is difficult to do further change.

So if your application need to populate multiple table in same time, and do some join select, persistence class won't help too much.

IN THIS CASEBO (business object) will be helpful .

If you don't want to access the relate table directly.

But BO is not a OO way.

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check this weblog


anb this online help.



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So if I understand it correct, it is very difficult to create persistent object for multiple tables in a single class. Is it difficult or impossible? I tried to add in more than one table and the class does not activate because the key in item table is not in the header table. I tried to look for material in sap online help. While they say it can be done for multiple tables, they do not have any examples.

In the weblog, the author mentions that he got around the problem by creating multiple persistence classes and using data model class to control them, but is not sure if it can be done .

Has anyone come across such a situation before? Is there any resource that is available on this topic?

Thanks for your help.