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Performance Tuning - unavoidable nested loops.

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Hi Experts,

I need to improve the performance of unavoidable nested loops.

In TIPS&TRICKS of SE300 tool i got PARALLEL CURSOR method to improve the nested loop performance.

I took one program and tested by using both methods...below is the conclusions..

Overall execution time is less in case of PARALLEL CURSOR but time taken in database execution is more in this method (As per SE tool analysis)

Overall execution time is more in case of straight forward nested loops but time taken in database execution is less in this method (As per SE tool analysis)

My doubt is WHICH METHOD I CAN USE....

Please guide me....

Thanks in Advance

Edited by: Julius Bussche on Jan 19, 2009 11:23 AM

Please use meaningfull subject titles


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Hi Siva,

While using nested loops...if you have any database fetching statements like Select inside the loop, then better to write a select outside the loop first then, use read statements to read these fetched data as per the selection criteria within the loop.By doing this you can make use of the parallel cursor method very well and the performance of your code will be surely improved as you have not kept any database related statements within the loop.



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why not continue here?

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check the following links