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Performance issue - Function modules ( query) vs Perform - form(int table )

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Hi all,

Currently i worked in data of my colleague migrated the datas by using custom developed fuction modules with driver program .it migrates the datas volume of some 1 lakh records with different conditions within 20 mins.

i have developed one report for reconcillation of that datas using the same migration logic.Instead of function modules i utillized the perform-form local routines .

In migration function modules ,within loop all queries of function modules are executing.but that produces the desired result.

I changed that querys in my program ,i accumulated all the datas initially in the internal tables .i utillized that using read statements.

if i use some 500 records ,that report comes properly within 2 mins.if i go above 500 records that loop becomes comes after 1 there is no data problems.i already checked the datas.

if anybody knows the solution for this ,please let me know

thanks in advance,



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Can you check few points related to your program which affects performmance.

1)LOOP inside anotherloop.

2) select inside loop.

3) read without sorting itab.



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reason could be that u are using without applying some good access techniques one could be binary search or hasing or using a sorted table

use binary search the most preferred technique

secondly if u have a select statement inside a loop

bring it outside the loop.

never code a select querry insde a loop endloop statement

Definitely performance will improve


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use sorted or hashed tables for inside-loops


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performance is the Main issue for ababers. to avoid such performance problems, plz take the follwing.

1. Dont Use 'not equal to' condition in select query

2. Dont Use nested loop structure

3. Dont Use select *

4. Dont Use nested select

5. Select the tables (for Eg Instead of Bseg , plz use


6. Instead of nested Loop , plz use Read table command.



Plz Reward if it helps.

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Check <a href="/people/rob.burbank/blog/2006/02/07/performance-of-nested-loops">this blog.</a>


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You can use Abovesoft utilities, to improve your code performance. See releated link:

<a href=""></a>