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PDF Document inside a SapScript:

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I know you can output a pdf document from sapscript, smartforms, spooler, or abap list or alv. However I have a process reading a PDF document from filenet into a binary internal table. You know if its possible print that pdf through sapscript form?

I am reading in a PDF document and want it to print through sapscript NOT output it.


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Wooow, yes it is possible but you need bunch of steps like (offline pdf form in ECC 5.0)

Convert into binary then convert into xstring then convert into string then convert into XML then convert into data fields and internal tables.

Not sure why you need to convert the PDF from sapscript and print it on sapscript. Cant you have an external program that does this.

by the way what is the version are you using?

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The version of Adobe PDF we are using is version 8.0. I had another question out there about going from pdf into binary and getting it to go to through the spooler. I think going through a form is a waste a time, but my options are limited. I could probably go from binary to xstring, but I have digital signature that needs to be kept intact.

Is that my best course of action, binary, xstring, string, to xml?



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Stephen, you should mention that you already started another discussion around that topic (though not the same) (here: ) so that people can understand more easily the context.

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Yes - please assign po1nts for helpful answers in the one Sandra mentions and mark it as answered.