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Payment Tearms F4 search help

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Dear All

I have create one module pool program. In that program, Payment Teams is one filed with data element ZTERM. the following error occurred when i click F4 key.

No input help is available

The above error will come what is the reason any one tell me

Thanks and Regards



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Hi ..

Check in the dataelement ZTERM; have u given any search help for that in the search help tab of the data element. If not then give the same....Search help will come...

or use the FM in the program....


reward points if useful....

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You can make use of Process on Value Request (POV) event in the flow logic. You have to build custom F4 help logic for the field ZTERM by using F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST or any other search help FM and call that logic under the POV event.

Then you will get search help..


Naveen Veshala

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Hi Naveen

Thanks for your reply

what is the Static assignment name for payment tearms

Thanks and regards


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Hi sureh kumar,

When you press F4 then the possible values are displayed from domain . You just check that you have entered any values at domain level or not.

If not then give fixed values or value ranges or check table name then you will get these values when you press F4 on that field.

And also declare that field type as Zterm. If you don't want to give any possible values at domain leve then you go for

POV event in that call the function module




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you just make a search help for your field in the table and in your module pool program give the name of that field as


or if there is a search help then just givw the name of ur field in the layout as.


it ll work

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problem solved