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Parked MM invoice and multiple account assignments (table RBCO) ?

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Could someone please explain how the table RBCO works for parked MM invoice and multiple account assignments.

What I have observed in this table are:

1. Every position (table RSEG) in the invoice can have several lines (table RBCO) with account assignment.

2, If there is only one record for a position, the key in the table RBCO starts with 0002, field RBCO-COBL_NR (???)

3. IF I add one more line to the psoition, the first line CHANGES the key in table RBCO from 0002 to 0001 and the second line gets RBCO-COBL_NR = 0002

4. The third line gets 0003.

5. If i delete line 1-2, the remaining one line gets a new key feild RBCO-COBL_NR = 0002.

The reason for understanding how this works is that i need to make a Z-table storing the history of changes done to records in table RBCO (..don’t ask why...)

Lest say, I make a change for in an invoice for one of the positions, how do I compare the values in the itab, YDRSEG[]-CO[]- with the lines in table RBCO ?

And whats the logic for the key in table RBCO?

Please advice, Tom


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