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Pack material to a HU

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Hello Gurus,    

   I’m trying to figure out how to pack a material into a handling unit in a delivery.


I tried all the options and nothing worked correctly.

I also have to pack HU to HU and unpack HU from HU and material from HU.

  Now I’m inclined to do a BDC, but can someone suggest me on how to do a BDC on pack screen. As the screen can have multiple HU’s and multiple materials. I need to choose only 1 HU and 1 material at any point of time, based on the input.

  Can someone please point me on how to make a selection on the pack screen.

Please do not block my thread saying the solution already exists. I have been looking for a proper answer from 4 days and couldn’t resolve it. If someone finds a good link/ answer please post it.

Thanks for all the efforts.



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I wouldn't be so quick to give up on the BAPIs. Most BAPIs have been around for years and are in use by thousands of clients. So if there's a problem it's probably with the code calling the BAPI.

BDCs are also a very poor solution (brittle, error-prone, slow), and for many new screens they simply can't work.

So.. back to the BAPIs: What exactly do you mean when you say  'nothing worked correctly'?