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outbound interfaces

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hi,, can any one explain abt the types of outbound for idocs in hr...

suggestions will be rewarded withpoints..

thanks in advance..


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There are basically two types of IDOCs.

Basic IDOCs

Extended IDOCs

Basic IDOC type defines the structure and format of the business document that is to be exchanged between two systems.

Extension Idoc:Extending the functionality by adding more segments to existing Basic IDOCs.

A basic IDOC type has the following characteristics:

Name : A basic Idoc type can be assigned upto a thirty character name.

List of permitted segments: The segments make up the IDOC structure.

Hierarchy of segments : The hierarchy of segments specifies the physical sequence and

any parent - child relationship in the segments.

Mandatory Vs Optional Segments : When used in the IDOC type, each segment has

an attribute that defines whether the segment is option or mandatory.

Minimum/Maximum range for each segment: It defines the maximum and minimum

number of timesa data record corresponding to a segment cn exist in an IDOC.

- Segments : A segment defines the format and structure of a data record.

Segments are reusable componets. A segment consists of various fields that represent data

in data record.

  • IDOC Run time components:


- A unique IDOC number 16 digits is allocated.

- One control record is attached to the IDOC.

- Segments translate into data records.

- Status records are attached.

- Sytax rules are checked.