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oss notes

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Hi can anyone tell me what is oss notes.

what does the note numbers mean and what are the things that need to be done for a performance issue for a transaction


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OSS Notes are SAP's way of supporting its software. These are problems that have been discovered and/or reported. Usually then provide some work around or fix for the problem including source code corrections. If the note does include source corrections you can download and apply it using the SNOTE transaction code. To search thru SAP notes, go to


Rich Heilman

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look here:


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hi Swathi,

1. OSS Notes

All customers who have implemented SAP

must be facing some or the other problem.

To remedy such problems,

SAP comes out with some mini - mini

solutions from time to time.

Such solutions, require some modifications

in the SAP source code.

The corrections can be done manually / automatically

at the users end.

Such notes contain step-by-step instructions

on what to do, how to do etc.

There are SEVERAL such NOTES

(Correction Instructions/Patch)

They are called OSS NOTES.


1. The Tcode is OSS1.

2. But,

U will have to contact ur basis team


they will open the internet gateway

for oss1.

3. Moreover,

oss1 will login to SAP server

in Bangalore (if u are in india)

4. There also a login screen will be there.

There u need a user id and a password.

(It might be some common userid and pasword

which ur basis team might be able to provide)

if u find it useful mark some points



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SAP notes are of two type :

1. Corrections for a Bug, created by developers.

2. Informational notes, created by primary support.

When new Support Pack is released, all the correctional notes created after last Support Pack are included in next SP.


Surpreet Bal

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In order to fix one of the problem in R/3 system, SAP will asked you to download an OSS notes which is a ".car" file.

To work with a CAR File do the following at OS Level:

Get into OS as <sapsid>adm

Copy the .CAR file to a Temporary Directory.

Uncompress the file with SAPCAR

Copy the the data file generated in the data transport directory

( ej: = /usr/Sap/trans/data).

Copy the the cofile file generated in the cofiles transport directory

( = ej: /usr/Sap/trans/cofiles).

Run transaction STMS

Upload the support package with SPAM transaction and the support package will show "New support packages".

Examples of CAR command :-

1) UNIX only:

Log on as user <sapsid>adm.

cd /usr/sap/trans


2) Windows NT only:

Log on as user <SAPSID>ADM.



This Will create two(2) FILES

After you run SPAM you MUST run STMS and check the transport queues

As per 315963 note you can direct made the changes in the program or you can apply the support pack.

a) If you want to apply correction then first you need to register the object in SAP, so that you will get the Access key and then you can make the changes.

b) If you want to import the support pack then you need to down load from SAP market-place. and this is in CAR file. and then you need extract the same using CAR utility.

ex: CAR -xvf


you can directly apply the patch from SAPGUI, login to 000 client and then you can load the patch from Presentation server.

Also check what is your current basis patch level?

For example if you want to apply patch 07 and you are having 05 then you need to apply 06 and then apply 07.



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Hi all,

I have been given the sap note for performance issue.

The sap note suggested to create a index for a bsip table with fews fields based on check some criteria in transaction.

To over this issue all i need is to create a secondary index and create a transport and move it or do ineed to do anything else.

is there away i can the performance improved after creating the secondary index.

plss let me know i am working for the first time on oss

Thanks in advance

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You`re on the right track . You can also look in to the your custom ( Z) programs. You can change the slect according to your index for performnace ...

Hope this’ll give you idea!!

<b>Pl... award the points.</b>

Good luck


Saquib Khan

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Hi ,

Post ur Code ,so we can tune that Code? Notes will help u for tuning the SAP standard Program not for Y* or Z*.



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