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OS/DB migration & Unicode conversion

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Hi All,

Is it possibule to make OS/DB migration and unicode conversion at a time.

I found in SAP manuals that during system copys we cann't change the code page...

Please give ur suggestions ..




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No both are seperate activities.

You can first do the OS/DB migration and then go for the Upgrade.

Note OS/DB migration needs to be done by a certified consultant, or else SAP wouldn't support for any issue.

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Thanks for the reply, we have to do the OS/DB migration first then we have to convert to Unicode is it right..

During OS/DB migration we have update the tp, r3trans and we have done the migration...

Is it ok or anything to be updated for faster execution of export/import process..

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That's right first OS/DB and then Unicode.

Someuseful steps to consider :

Run Update Statistics (DB13)

Cancel all pending update (SM13)

Cancel all released job (SM37)

Disable Operation Mode (RZ04)

Get the latest R3ldctl, R3load, R3szchk

Make sure TATGPC and TATGPCA are empty

Increase PSAPTEMP tablespace

and all other preparation activity to be done, read Notes and Related notes mentioned in the Manual.

sketch it out, plan and then start.



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Well - this is not completely true.

During the migration, you will create an export. This export can be imported in whatever system/database combination as long as you chose the right export option(s).

So you can nicely do your preparation and export on e. g. Windows/Oracle and import it on HP-UX/DB2 if you chose that in sapinst.


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During the export phase, you can select "Unicode conversion". Hence, it is possible to do a system copy (os/db migration) & an unicode conversion in the same step.


1st. Export database using R3load (select Unicode conversion)

2nd. Create new Unicode database.

3rd. Import database using R3load