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Organisation Management (OM) in ABAP-HR

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Hi all,

Will anybody please give me idea/link on Organisation Management (OM) in ABAP-HR.

Anirban Bhattacharjee.


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check these links.

Organizational Management Administration

Organizational Management

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Hi Anirban,

Check this following link.

Hope this helps you.

Any qureies, get back to me.


Chandra Sekhar

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This will help.

Reward if useful

Sumit Agarwal

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Hi Anirban,

The core areas in HR are -

Recuritment ,

Personnel Administration,

Organizational Management

Organizationtal Development (OD),

Traning and Developemt-this is under Personal developement,

Organizational management mainly deals with the following-

Organization Plan,

Org. Hierarchy,

This mainly deals with the Planning activtiy of the company and

the hierarchy of departments .

It tells abt how the org is structured.

For eg:

Take Dr.Reddy's Labs-

Org- Board of Directors-CEO,COO,CFO are there at this top level,

under this (Org untis are there) - It may span across countries also- Exah head for the country,

Under this Diff departments r postiions are there - Dept for HR, Finance, Quality, Manufacturing etc. here thos head will be there.

Again Sub departments may exts.

for Eg:

HR may have-

HRP(HR planning),

HRD(HR development) etc those head will be there.

Under each department - we have employees.

Thhis goes on N levels depending on company structure and its business and uits span across countries.


mainly deals with the Risk and change management. How a org should make changes to comany, if any change is masde whats its impact on company etc are discuseed under this.

Reply if u have any queries.

Reward if useful.


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Thanks all.

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hi here is the link for getting pdf for hr --om