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optimization. URGENT

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what are some ways of optimization? ii have to use batch input to call a standard transaction and it get called a few types . thats why it works pretty long..

what to do?

what are some ways to make it work FASTER??? HELP!


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hi julia,

There are several ways you can make programs faster. It again depends on program logic and Database fetching dependencies.

Changing program logic :

You can increase the program faster by tuning proper ABAP statements say for example usage of right abap statement in right place.

or using Loop inside loop or endless loop makes process slow.

Database side:

Check whether you use high volume table for fetching datas or whether u used proper index inside the table increase the performance in fetching.

Sizing SAP parameters and Tuning Database is also other part of optimization.

However hardware dependencies are at least to consider.

You can search this forum by keyword optimzation to find out the usage of this.



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First and foremost always make it a point to use only Primary key fields or Index fields in the where clause of your select statements.If you take care at this area then lot of problems related to Optimisation will get solved.


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Hi Julia,

Always check the driver internal tables is not empty, while using FOR ALL ENTRIES

Avoid for all entries in JOINS

Use the selection criteria

Try to avoid joins and use FOR ALL ENTRIES.

Try to restrict the joins to 1 level only ie only for tables

Avoid using Select *.

Avoid having multiple Selects from the same table in the same object.

Try to minimize the number of variables to save memory.

The sequence of fields in 'where clause' must be as per primary/secondary index

( if any)

Avoid creation of index as far as possible

Avoid operators like <>, > , < & like % in where clause conditions

Avoid select/select single statements in loops.

Try to use 'binary search' in READ internal table. Ensure table is sorted before using


Avoid using aggregate functions (SUM, MAX etc) in selects


Avoid using ORDER BY in selects

Avoid Nested Selects

Avoid Nested Loops of Internal Tables


Try to avoid into Corresponding Fields of

Avoid using Select Distinct, Use DELETE ADJACENT

Also by going to transaction SE30->tips and tricks you can get the idea

Reward points for the helpful.