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open,cleared,all items

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hi in SD related reports i was asked to create a new development based on fbl5n and the selection screen shud remain the same, in that way there are many options for status like,open item, cleared item,all items and type like ,normal,g/l ,noted,parked,vendor

how do i code and validate for all these options whn i tried to debugg am not able to get thru their logic and all can anyone help me out in solving ths

wat are fields tht i need to check for validating these options


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FBl5N is the Customer Line Items Display.

OPEN ITEMS means the Billed/Invoice Amounts that are pending from Customers, i.e which we have to receive from Customers. BSID table will hold this data.

For every Billing Documnet created(VBRK/VBRP-VBELN) there will be an accounting document created in BSID/BSAD tables.

BSAD is the CLOSED ITEMS data means the AMOUNTS received from that customer.

OPEN ITEMS data means fetching data from BSID table Only

CLOSED ITEMS data means data fetching from BSAD only. All Items means from both the tables.

If you need further clarification you are welcome.



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thanks so much for ur reply

u made me clear abt those option for open/cleared/all , i wud like to make clear by myself if i click the open items radio button what ever may be the details it shud be fetched from bsid if it s cleared the details shud be fetched from bsad , if am rite can u pls explain me how do i do for all those types noraml types, special g/l transactions,noted items,parked items,vendor items, is there any particualr fields in bsid/bsad to validate the contents once these checkboxes were clicked?

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OPEN ITEMS - data fetching from BSID table.

CLOSED ITEMS - data fetching from BSAD table.

All Items - data fetching from BSID & BSAD tables.