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object type

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can clarify in point form.

1)object type itself is a abap program or only methods/events that attached to it are abap program?

2) in swo3, i simply click 1 object type, and click the program button, i can see the abap program. so i wonder object type itself is a program.

3) may i know where to key in the program. the editor seems a bit different. not in se80 or se38?

4) where to find all the possible object-type. for example, BUSxxx, idocxxx, TVxxx, etc



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Yes, Object Types like BUS 2032 , BUS 2005 have their own programs. Go to SWO1 and go to display you will see its attributes. methods, events etc. You will find the program also. Press that button and see. You can write the code there .

Generally wehen ever we wants to write our code, we copy the std object and edit it by creating our own methods, events and then we will write our own code to suit our requirements.

In SWO1 itself press F4 or give some meaningful text you will find them.or in the Table <b>swotlv</b> you will get all of them.