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Number Range Update Interval is not Working

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Hello Guru,

I'm currently working on a Function Module using number ranges.

I used the following function as it was saied in many threads :




naturally with the number_range_enqueue and *dequeue.

The problem that everytime I got in NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_CLOSE an Exception "OBJECT_NOT_INITIALIZED', so I tried to use many others function e.g.

*_OBJECT_INIT, *_UPDATE_INIT but nothing seems to work.

So, maybe is something that I forget to set it in the *INTERVAL_UPDATE but I didn't have any error.

So, I'm with my possibility at the end, anyone has a suggestion

Because the Number Range Object and the FM need to work in many system, I can't handle this by doing the interval update manually.

Best Regards,



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Instead use FM : 'NUMBER_GET_NEXT'



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Hello Aditya,

Yes, I know Number_get_next but I need to set the interval firstly.

After that then I'll use number_get_next

Denote that I've two different FM, one act as a adminstrator to set the interval once and the other will use number_get_next to get of course the next number (dynamically on user exit)



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Check whether the

  iv-procind    = 'I'.  " <--- will be I not U

         exporting object          = object
         importing error_occured   = error_occured
                   error           = error
         tables    interval        = iv     "<<<----
                   error_iv        = error_iv
         exceptions object_not_found = 1.

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Hello a®s,

Thanks for your responding.

I still have trouble by the number_get_next.

The interval ist set when I use the transaction but for the number_get_next function it not set.

I already commit the changes with the function number_range_update_close.

Should I use later COMMIT.



Edited by: Kais El Kara on Jan 16, 2009 7:10 PM

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> number_get_next function it not set.


There is no need to give COMMIT WORK explicitly. if you are using NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_CLOSE system automatically places the commit and result written to database.

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SAP Help says after using FM NUMBER_RANGE_UPDATE_CLOSE, you should unlock the changed number range object. Please also check link below

With this function module you write changes which have been made to local memory to the database, with NUMBER_RANGE_GROUP_UPDATE and NUMBER_RANGE_INTERVAL_UPDATE. After calling this function module, you should unlock the changed number range object.

Best REgards,