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Number range buffer

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Hi all,

what is meant by number range buffer.where do we use them.I went through but it was not clear for me can you please explain me a bit clearly.points will be awarded if helpfull.



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I think u have meant SNRO tcode.

Goto TCODE >SNRO->Object-->EINKBELEG (This is Number Range Object for PO ) .

Click on NumberRanges Buttun see the Intervals .U can see the Current Number and Ranges Defined .



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if i give the buffer 10, then it will calculate next 10 numbers and place it in buffer.

It is the SAP help.

The number interval buffer is in the Shared Memory of the application
 server. Each buffer is used to store the external number intervals and a
 certain number (subinterval) of the internal number intervals. If the
 numbers of an internal number interval are used up, numbers are taken
 from the database via the number range server. The status of the number
 interval in the database is increased by the number of numbers fetched
 to the buffer.