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Number of decimals

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Hi all,

My requirement is :

I have a CHAR field (FIELD1) which would have values like 23.45, 12.3456.........

Now I have another field (FIELD2) which has the number of decimal places I need to care about.

For example -

If FIELD2 has '1' and FIELD1 has a value of '23.45' then I should overwrite FIELD1 value with '23.4'.

Similarly if FIELD2 has '2' and FIELD1 has '12.3456' then I should overwrite FIELD1 value with '12.34'.

And mind you if have '2' in FIELD2 and if FIELD1 has '2' then I should overwrite FIELD1 value with '2.00'.

I will summarize it again,

1        23.45    23.4
2        12.3456  12.34
2        2        2.00
0        12.34    12  

Can someone help me with some logic to get around this issue. I would be more than happy to award full points.

Waiting for your replies...


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use this statetment..

write field1 to field1 decimals field2.


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Hi Suresh,

I tried your logic but I dont think it works in my case. As my value field is a CHAR field and I think the 'DECIMALS' would work only for the types 'I', 'P' or 'F'.

Let me know if you have any other logic or correct me if I was wrong above.

Thanks n waiting....

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<b>Suresh Datti</b> is right the code is OK.

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Let me try it once again and get back...

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Nope for some reason it is not working for me. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Below is the code I tried

data : value1 like qcres-mvalue.
data : value2 type i.

value1 = 2347 / 100.

shift value1 left deleting leading space.

value2 = 1.

write value1 to value1 decimals value2.

write 😕 value1.

The output of the above code is '23.47'. But I am expecting an output of '23.4'.

Suresh or someone please let me know what I am doing wrong.


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Try the below code.

lchr => character field.

lc1, lc2 => character field.

ltn => number of decimal places required

in concatenation statement of lc2 you can use the maximum possible length of decimals(in my case I have taken it as 6.)

lchr = lp2.

shift lchr left deleting leading space.

split lchr at '.' into lc1 lc2.

concatenate lc2 '000000' into lc2.

if ltn = 0.

clear lc2.

lchr = lc1.


write lc2+0(ltn) to lc2.

concatenate lc1 lc2 into lchr separated by '.'.


write : / lchr.

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DATA : value1 type p decimals 2.

data value2(13) type c. "like qcres-mvalue .

DATA : val(1) TYPE c,

len TYPE i.

value1 = 2300 / 47 .

value2 = value1.

condense: value2 , val.

split value2 at '.' into value2 val.

len = strlen( val ).

write:/ value1.

WRITE value1 DECIMALS len.