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Not a valid date in accord with the XML format for ABAP

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I'm trying to add date and time to my table ZDEMO_ONE using create_entity. I have tried to remove the error for it but it's not getting resolved.

Here's the code for create_entity

DATA: ls_emp TYPE zdemo_one.
io_data_provider->read_entry_data( IMPORTING es_data = ls_emp ).

INSERT zdemo_one FROM ls_emp.

This is the error which is coming

Value 20160629235959 is not a valid date in accord with the XML format for ABAP

How to resolve it, please help!!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vanshika,

You gave us for reference a very generic code.

It would have been better had you given Data Type used for the date field and also the Value that you are passing in payload. Its either the type mismatch or the value that is causing the problem.

Please look into the below issue as it refers to the same issue that you mentioned.

Please search the community before posting as you might already have a similar question answered.

Kindly reach out if the issue still persists.

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