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new fields in header invoice of MIRO transaction

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i´ve added new fields to table RBKP by means of an append structure.

in transaction MIR4 i display the values of this new fields correctly.

If i use MIRO transaction i want that these new values get updated in header invoice as well.

There is a view RBKP_V that is passed as a parameter in some FM´s that update the header invoice.

How can i make that this view incorporates as well the new fields of the append structure?.

Best regards.


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just having a look at SAP documentation of badi

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS01 the answer was there.

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Hi pablo,

I am also using the same BADi (BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS01 )for adding new screen field in MIRO.But I cant receive the data entered ,how u did this tell me please...



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Hi Karthi,

i´ve just added a tutorial in the "Wiki" section:

My Home > Code Gallery > Home > Display customer fields in header of logistics invoice verification transactions

Hope it might be useful to you.

Feel free to add any comments to it.

Best regards.