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NEW DEBUGGER restart transaction how-to?

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Hi friends,

currently I am traying to get used to the NEW DEBUGGER. I haven't found too many features you have not when using the classic debugger - except for the flexibility and usability.

Until now I found: There is an F4-help for dynamic break point on method of class, that is not available in classic debugger, not much, but something.

In the classic debugger, from the Debug menu, I could restart the current transaction, a feature I really loved and almost always used.

I do not know how to do that from new debugger, first switch to classic debugger and then debug-restart takes simply too much time.

What am I missing?




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I think " Return" will do the same as "restart" in classic debugger

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Hi a®s,

I have seen answers even better than this one

Return (F7) is the same as in classic debugger: Continue and return to calling unit (i.e. end current method/function/form)

The new debugger offers

menu debug - exit Debugger

menu debug - exit Application and Debugger

Both result in a nasty "Do you really want to..." pop-up that waits for an answer.

exit Debugger end the debugger and continues the application

exit Application and Debugger ends the application and takes you to the base menu tree.

Obviously at SAP nobody was aware that there are a few people interesting in saving time.

Any better idea?



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Hi clemens,

I think you will not have much luck with your requirement. As some functions directly accessable in the old debugger like save table to excel are a bit hidden in the new one, I checked the new debugger including the coding for OK-Code handling but nothing to restart the application. Only OK-Code which is not accessable in the dialog but handled is MAIN_REST. But this is just restarting the debugger UI and not the application.

So only option I could offer is using /n to stop debugger session and master session in one single step. But this will not close the dubugger session so you either close it in another step or you will reach the max count for sessions soon. So it is not a better / more efficient solution.

Sorry to not be able to give you a more positive answer.



PS: although I like many of the "newer" tools in sap I am still using the old debugger as my standard. In the very most cases handling is just more efficient there for my personal opinion.

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New Debugger has more specific option-- you can click on a statement in debugger screen and click on the menu ---GO to Statement /Cursor.. the debugging pointer move to that statement and you can start debugging again from that statement ..

Hope this Help..!

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Hi nameless SAP:Group member,

thank you for this useful hint - this is one of the functions old and new debugger both have. In the classic debugger (which starts at least 50 times faster) it was via Menu Debug - Control - Goto Statement.

But just to be serious: I did not know it either before the new debugger already was available

Kind regards,


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OK, the answer is "NO - there is no such thing like that".