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New barcode type not working in Sapscript

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I have set a barcode with the new barcode type. When I´m printing the preview, the barcode is correct.

If I use that new barcode in my sapscript form as a font style, I only see the number, which is normaly encrypted in the code...

The reason, why I had to change the barcode type is, that we have to use different printers for printing the form and not all of them have the barcode cardrage.

I also have used the new barcode type in some smartforms on the same system, and it´s working properly!

Any ideas?

Thank You!


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Hi Arne,

This is becuase, every printer does not support Barcodes.

Inorder to print barcodes, you need to install DIMM card on the printer.

Also check whether the required Barcode font has been installed on the printer.

Either of the above two could only be the reason for the barcode being not printed.

Best regards,


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thank You for Your answer. The new type of barcodes can be printed by every printer. you don´t need a card any more...

That´s why the preview can be printed well on a printer without a card!

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You want to define a bar code in SAPscript for which there is not yet a definition.


1. Choose Tools ® Administration ® CCMS ®Administration ® Font Maintenance (transaction SE73).

2. Select System Bar Codes and choose Change.

3. Choose System Bar Code ® Create to define a new bar code. Note the following information:

· Bar code: Enter the name of your new bar code here. The name must begin with a Z to avoid conflict between your bar codes and the SAP bar codes.

· Bar Code Type: Choose one of the bar code types listed. This is currently for information purposes only.

· Rotation at Output: Enter how many degrees your bar code should be rotated at output.

See the below sap link for more about New Barcodes:-



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I have set the new barcode in se73 and the preview is working well! But when I´m using it in my sapscript form, it´s only printing the number, which is normaly encrypted by the barcode.