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.Net Connection with RFC Function

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Hello Everyone.

I have problem with Sapdotnetconnector, I build a function module in sap that run a batch input.

(I call transaction KOB1 using this batch input and send it to Spool, in the function module I get back the spool number). After the ALV (KOB1) was send to the spool I get the result in an Itab using the function "RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB" and send it back via a table to the Form in .NET.

But when I execute the function in SAP I have no problem and I get the itab, if I use the form of .NET I get no result, in fact if I hard coded the spool number in the function module the connection with the .NET is working, that’s mean that the batch input isn’t working with this RFC.

Any idea? Thank in advance.


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Hi Emmanuel,

did you test the function in SAP online (not in background = RFC)? This is often a reason for different behavior. E.g. a local printer (LOCL or LPRN) can't be reached background mode.

Just write a mini report where you can call your function remote -> you can test, if problem lies in background execution or in .net part.



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Thank you for answer, in fact I use now SUBMIT instead of BATCH INPUT.

Regards Emmanuel