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Need function to convert Time period

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I have a data where time is displayed in HH:MM format. Is there any function which can read the in separate Hour and minutes so as to convert into number of days?


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can u Explain it with exalple..

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divide the MM portion by 60 and add to HH portion.u'll get total no of hours..den use da simple logic:

no. of days =(1/24) * total hours

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Hi Nilesh,

let is say your variable is l_time which holds time in the format of HH:MM.

save this l_time to some variable of numerical character type first,

then get the hours and minutes into seperate variables like shown below,

l_char_time = l_time.

l_hours = l_char_time+0(2).

l_min = l_char_time+2(2).

number_of_days = ( l_hours + ( l_min / 60 ) ) / 24.

there you have the number of days,

Note: l_hours, l_min, number_of_days & l_char_time are of type N.

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can you give more explation of ur reqr........

u want to conver the number of hours to days ?



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Hi let me explain the requirment

Data is say 30 : 20 i.e 30 hours and 20 minutes.

I need to separate 30 and 20. Convert it into either minutes as 30*60 +20

or in hours 30 + 20/60 = 30.33 Hrs.

How could I separate this two?

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move ztime to zchar.

split zchar at ':' into zstr1 zstr2.

replace ':' in zstr1 with space.

zint1 = zstr1.

zint2 = zstr2.

den carry out calculations on zint1 and zint2.

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