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Need BAPI to post Reversal in FB08 or any other methods.

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Hi friends.

I used Bapi called ' BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_REV_POST ' for Reverse the Document in TRansaction FB08,

But it is not successfully working for me.

The BAPI is asking for the values to be given in input for the following fields.

I need more information about the fields,

Fields name : Logical system (obj_sys),

Previous Reference Document (obj_key_r).

These two fields are mantadory.

Do I have any other method to post the reverse entry in transaction code FB08 ?

Or please guide me how to go about the BAPI mentioned above.


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Go to WE60. Give 'ACC_GL_POSTING_REVERSE01' and you will get the documentation at individual field level.

This IDoc type uses BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_REV_POST to reverse the Acct. Doc.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

Field Doc from WE60 ( SAP 46C )

OBJ_KEY                        % ( + Object key                                                                                
Internal length 000020 External length 000020 Offset 000068              
                               Data type CHAR Data element AWKEY                                        
If an accounting document is posted via the interface in Accounting,     
                               the sending application transfers a unique reference. It consists of     
                               object key and object type. The object key consists of a reference       
                               document number and a reference organizational unit.                     
                               Example:      1000007899          00011996                               
                                              Reference          Reference organizational unit          
                                              document no.     client and fiscal year                   
                               The object type contains a note on storing the original document.        
OBJ_SYS                        % ( + Logical system of source document                                  
                               Internal length 000010 External length 000010 Offset 000088              
                               Data type CHAR Data element AWSYS                                        
An SAP R/3 System where integrated applications run in a common          
A client corresponds to a logical system. The client definition          
                               includes the option of deciding which logical system it belongs to.      
                               The source system of a document can vary from the logical system if      
                               the document posts from an external source. If this is not the case,     
                               the field remains empty.                                                                                
Value table: TBDLS 
OBJ_KEY_R                      % ( + Cancel: object key (AWREF_REV and AWORG_REV)                       
                               Internal length 000020 External length 000020 Offset 000098              
                               Data type CHAR Data element AWKEY_REV                                    
When you cancel an accounting document via the interface to              
                               Financials, the calling application can write the document number of     
                               the document to be canceled in this field. The number consists of a      
                               cancellation reference number (AWREF_REV) and cancellation               
                               organizations (AWORG_REV).                                                                                

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