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Navigate from ALV list to normal Report

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Hi ,

I am working on a ALV report where it will display the list of materials and by selecting these materials from the list and process them using a custom button , it should take me to the normal report which give the log from that material processing.

Any ideas navigating from AVL to normal report in the same program would be appriciated.

Thank you.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Why you want a normal report .. don't you feel that the look and feel should be same for logs as well.

You can dispaly the logs in a dialog box say on push-button .

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If you are using GRID for displaying ALV, then you can use LEAVE TO LIST PROCESSING event.

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Thank you both for your time.

Venkateshwar Rao... thats the exact answer i was looking for . thank you.

One other thing i noticed is, when i use leave to list processing, my top of page is not getting triggered. And in the secondary list somehow it displays the text ' Dynamic List display' which i would like to get rid of.

Thanks again.

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if you use drill down you have to define header print twice:


perform 050print_header .



perform 050print_header .


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Thanks for you responce.

Printing header twice doesnt work either. It may work in classic seconday list reports but here Iam coming from ALV to classic report. And iam missing the top of page in classic report (secondary).